During the coming weeks and months, the team at Bitcoinvend will be announcing several new partnerships and token listings, the first of which is with DAFI.
  • DAFI and BitcoinVend have formed a partnership to explore the integration of smart synthetic dTokens.
  • BitcoinVend will list $DAFI in their application, allowing users to use the token within its marketplace and internal exchange.


BitcoinVend intends to transform what it means to be an exchange, enabling users to exchange just about anything, not just crypto for crypto. The BCVT token, which is paramount to the project’s longevity and sustainability, will play an integral role in the ecosystem that will grow around the project. Utilising DAFI Protocol technology to enhance the token could have tremendous benefits for all stakeholders; therefore, BitcoinVend will be working with DAFI to explore every possibility.

Furthermore, by listing the DAFI token holders have a new place to store, trade, exchange and use DAFI within the marketplace to acquire real-world goods without reliance on conversion to fiat.

Christopher Cousins, President and Founder:

“We are excited to welcome new communities to join our project and be part of the ecosystem that grows around it, DAFI is no exception! Naturally, we want to ensure app users and token holders are incentivised in a healthy, sustainable manner, so we are looking forward to exploring how DAFI technology can help us do so and add another string to our bow.”

What is DAFI? Balancing rewards with demand

The majority of token distribution models are unsustainable. Decentralised networks reward participants in a way that is often detrimental to the network itself, an issue that most crypto proponents are unaware of and cannot be explained in simple words.

The good news is that DAFI has created a solution that balances rewards with network demands in the form of a “dToken”.

DAFI introduces the first alternative since Satoshi, to use network rewards for building a decentralised economy. Instead of directly issuing tokens for staking & liquidity – DAFI ties synthetics to each network’s adoption. This means that the token’s released & network demand is proportional, reinventing how rewards are distributed through decentralised networks.

The DAFI mechanism rewards a network even when demand declines by issuing synthetics that will reward users later – instead of earlier. This approach will change the foundational principles of staking, liquidity provision and social reward systems for the entire decentralised world.

This could mean for BCVT holders that a new type of staking mechanism could be created whereby short term and long term staking is rewarded proportionately. I.e., staking rewards become claimable over shorter increments, with longer-term staking yielding proportionately more rewards. In the event of a price spike, those staking would be able to pull out tokens and sell if they wish, and those who remain staked would yield a greater return by not pulling out and selling.

As a result, those who hold or “HODL” for longer receive a more significant portion of the rewards.

Zain Rana, DAFI Founder, gave some remarks during the announcement of the partnership:

“Naturally, we prefer complementary partners such as BitcoinVend. The platform is intriguing with its impressive strategy for blockchain adoption. What BitcoinVend is building provides a simple way to onboard users into blockchain services. I’m sure of many exciting experiences ahead as we continue to work together.”

Exploration & Cross-Promotional Activities

During the coming months, BitcoinVend will be looking at the possibilities of integrating Dafi’s latest major product release, ‘Super Staking’ and introduce BitcoinVend to DAFI’s community with cross-promotional activities.

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Disclaimer: This partnership does not constitute a recommendation to invest in DAFI or an official endorsement of their products. The information provided here is for information and education purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice or any type of advice whatsoever.