Enecumm is a hybrid Blockchain developed to utilize excess Smartphone processing power to create a global decentralized network. In addition, it features a powerful toolkit that enables developers to build and deploy dApps quickly.

Their native token ENQ will be listed on BitcoinVend shortly after our product becomes available to download for the general public, the timelines for which you can read more about on our roadmap.

Founded in 2017 by Mikhail Sayfullin, Enecuum has around 4,200 people using their product and more than 24,000 token holders who soon will be able to store, send and trade, as well as quickly convert ENQ into stable coins to trade real-world products with their peers using BitcoinVend.

What is Enecuum, and what is the ENQ token used for?

On average, people use less than 15% of the data processing capacity of their Smartphones. However, those who connect their Smartphones to the Enecuum Blockchain use this redundant power to help mine blocks and validate transactions for which they are rewarded with ENQ tokens.

With Enecuum, everyday people have a way to earn cryptocurrency (ENQ) using their otherwise redundant Smartphone processing power. More information about use cases for the ENQ token can be found on the Enecuum website.

We look forward to welcoming the Enecuum community onto our app and together spreading the word about the power of crypto while making it more straightforward to use.

For more information about Enecuum and ENQ, please use the following links:

Website ǀ Twitter ǀ Telegram Community