Everything we post online has some monetary value. Reflex is one emerging platform that aims to transform how this value is distributed so that the content creator benefits from the economic value.

Their native token RFX will be listed on BitcoinVend shortly after our product becomes available to download for the general public, the timelines for which you can read more about on our roadmap.

Launched in 2020 by Andrea De Cicco & Fatima De Cicco, Reflex has 70,000 active members and token holders. Soon their community will be able to store, send, trade, and quickly convert RFX into stable coins to trade real-world products with their peers using BitcoinVend.

What is unique about Reflex, and what is the RFX token?

Reflex is not just a social media platform. Instead, think of it as a hybrid of Facebook, Medium and Youtube.

The platform enables all the usual social media actions and interactions (RFX are earned based on views and followers) and provides a space for publishing articles plus video content – as a user’s views and followers increase, so does the amount of RFX earned. Furthermore, platform members can make/accept donations, sell their videos content and more.

In addition to their social platform, Reflex has a cloud mining solution where people can participate in special events, increase their ranking by referring friends, and generate passive income.

RFX is an ERC20 utility token, the native token of RFX and sits at the centre of their various reward/monetisation mechanisms.

Strategic Alliance

Since introducing our product to the Reflex team (who are just as passionate about spreading crypto as we are), they have recognised that soon BitcoinVend will simplify the process of accepting crypto payments as a business.

As a result, we are discussing introducing our product to a network of businesses that the Reflex team has established through their previous ventures. We look forward to seeing how this will progress!

For more information about Reflex and RFX, please use the following links.

Website ǀ Twitter ǀ Telegram Community