Here you can track exactly which features are currently live and learn about what we intend to activate next. With each app update, this log will be updated, and we will inform all app users.

Last updated: 16/09/2021 


Currently activated:
Fireblocks Connectivity 
Biometric Verification 
Next to be activated: 
  • Two-factor Authentification / Additional Security Mechanism 
  • User Activated Locking / Account Freezing System 

For more information about security, see here.


Currently activated: 
Create Wallets
Manage Addresses
Make Deposits
Next to be activated: 
  • Withdrawals 

For additional information about how the wallets work, see here  


Currently activated:  
  On-chain user to user payments/transfers 
Next to be activated: 
  • Off-chain user to user payments/transfers (instant) 


Under Evaluation: 
  • Trading/exchanging with our liquidity providers 
  • Peer-to-peer trading/exchanging 

For additional information about how the exchange will work, see here (links to features page).  


Under Evaluation: 
  • Marketplace payments/settlement 

For additional information about any of the current and future features, see here

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