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BitcoinVend combines everything you need to make the most of your crypto with no reliance on fiat currency.

The Features – Explained

For everyone: 

Safely Store Crypto

Store all your crypto; the app can support hundreds of tokens with cutting edge wallet technology.

Thanks to our powerful backend technology, you can create secure wallets for all your favourite cryptos. Initially, the app will support many top coins/tokens, and new assets will be added frequently. Our technology can support 450 coins/tokens ranging across 19 different Blockchain protocols, and the list is continually growing.

Quickly Send Crypto

Send crypto to your contacts; the app lets you quickly transfer crypto using contacts, not long addresses.

Thanks to how our wallet technology is structured, users can send any supported coin/token to other users without copying and pasting long addresses. Instead, choose the coin/token you wish to send, select a contact and confirm the transaction. Soon, all user to user transactions will settle instantly.

Trade Multiple Tokens

Trade like an institutional investor; the app connects directly to the world’s largest liquidity providers.

Unlike traditional exchanges, the app doesn’t have an order book as such. Instead, it connects directly to the world’s leading market makers, thus providing the best possible price, deep liquidity and reduced slippage for high volume trades. This service is typically only available to institutional clientele, whereas we offer it to all users.

Exchange Peer-to-Peer

Securely trade peer-to-peer; the app lets you connect with local buyers & sellers and trade with confidence.

As well as providing institutional level trading services, users can buy/sell directly with their peers and settle with confidence. With just a few clicks, any user can create a buy/sell offer, make it visible to other users and communicate about the deal. When a trade is engaged, funds become locked in escrow until complete.

Spend Your Crypto

Convert to USDT and spend; the app enables you to purchase new or used items from your peers or businesses.

The marketplace feature enables any user to convert crypto into USDT and purchase real-world items. Browse listings, contact sellers, negotiate price, arrange delivery and know that your funds will not be released until the buyer confirm receipt of goods. Whatever is listed for sale by other users can be purchased in the app.

Earn More Crypto

Earn USDT by selling products; the app lets you list new or users items and sell them to other app users.

As a seller, the marketplace enables you to list new or used items and accept payment in USDT. Create a listing, post your items(s) and wait for a buyer to come along. Buyer funds are locked in escrow, and the status of your sales can be easily tracked within the activity centre. Sellers can also sponsor listings to increase exposure.

For businesses:

Accept Crypto at your Business

Our user to user payments system also works with a QR code. Download the app, print out your QR code, and accept crypto payments immediately with no technical integrations.

The payments solution makes accepting crypto incredibly straightforward. After setting up an account, businesses can either print their QR or let a customer scan it directly from the device. A single QR enables any BitcoinVend user to pay a merchant with any supported coin/token, no need to create multiple codes.

Add Your Business to the Map

The app has Google Maps built-in. If you are a registered company, simply verify your business, and you will appear on the map, letting users know you are using BitcoinVend.

If your business is located on Google Maps, you can make your company appear on our internal map, letting every user know that you accept crypto using BitcoinVend. Adding your business to the map is a simple process of confirming via your Google account, and then any user can locate you and follow GPS to your establishment.

Security & fees:

Cutting Edge Security

Our backend runs on the Fireblocks platform, the leading and most trusted wallet infrastructure provider. Fireblocks is used by Revolut, BlockFi, Celsius, Genesis Trading, crypto.com, eToro and others. All funds are insured against wallet level hacks.

If you are concerned about hacks or your wallets becoming compromised, BitcoinVend is for you – we do not cut any corners when it comes to security. The application backend (wallets, trading connectivity etc.) is securely connected to the Fireblocks platform to provide institutional level security with cutting edge proprietary technology.

Fireblocks is arguably more secure than a hardware wallet because the human error element has been eliminated, making it the solution of choice for big banks, algo trading firms, market makers, and many leading crypto companies. You can find more information about Fireblocks here.

Zero Commission

The app lets you to choose from on-chain transactions or off-chain transactions. With on-chain transactions, we charge no commission, and Fireblocks tech enables us to reduce network fees as well as confirmation time significantly.

In recent years, transaction/network fees on chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have skyrocketed. As a result, where network participants used to send BTC or ETH for a nominal fee, they now face high costs and congested networks resulting in slow processing time.

Thanks to Fireblocks, we can significantly reduce network fees, reduce the number of confirmations needed before funds become spendable, and have built BitcoinVend to be an incredibly cost-efficient platform for everyone. For more information about fee structure, see here.

Free Instant Transfers

Off-chain internal transactions (from one user to another) are instant and entirely free, enabling users to transfer any supported tokens/coins to one another without the delays or costs associated with on-chain transactions.

We believe that when two users are on the same platform, it ought to be possible to send one another crypto instantly and without fees. However, sadly, this is not the case with most exchanges; users are charged network fees and have to copy-paste long addresses.

To cut time, costs and copy-pasting hassle, we run a secure system which gives users the option to partition a portion of their funds and instantly transfer those funds to other users. This system runs parrallel to our Fireblocks wallet infrastructure to provide convenient user to user transfers.

Additional Security Measures

In addition to our cutting edge wallet technology, the app is secured with all the standard features such as Biometric identification, two-factor authentication and one-time security codes.

Any action you take on the app where funds are being spent or sent requires you to confirm using Biometric identification and/or two-factor authentication. Furthermore, if your device is lost, broken or stolen, you can lock your account and freeze all funds.

We employ strict limits on withdrawals. For example, our system blocks any withdrawal above a certain threshold until it has been reviewed manually to give every user total peace of mind.

Private Beta – Early Access

The app is in a private beta mode, available exclusively to our newsletter subscribers.
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