Introducing, BitcoinVend Token (BCVT), the native Cryptocurrency of BitcoinVend

BitcoinVend Token is a Cryptocurrency with multiple use cases and there are much more to come!

BitcoinVend Tokens enable the holder to become more deeply involved in the community and BitcoinVend ecosystem as a whole, here you will learn all about our token and what it can be used for. But firstly, the basics:

BitcoinVend Token Basics


BCVToken is an ERC20 token and the native utility Token of BitcoinVend.


Ticker symbol: BCVT

Token type: ERC20 compliant utility token

Total supply: 100,000,000


Below are the use cases and token resource links can be found here.


Note: Please be cautious of scams and fake tokens, if you are ever in doubt please refer to the BitcoinVend website.

BitcoinVend Token Use Cases

In-App Fees

The first function of BCVT is to cover fees within the app.

Any action which has a fee associated with it (such as marketplace transactions), BCVT is used to cover the fee by default but other options are available.

Click here to learn more about fees.


BCVT can be used to acquire BitcoinVend Membership.

Users will be able to benefit from fee discounts depending on the amount of BCVT they lock in the app, GOLD Members pay ZERO fees.

Click here to learn about membership levels.

In-App Payment

App users can pay for goods & services in the app with BCVT.

Users can pay for things in the app with any Cryptocurrency that is supported. Sellers can choose to receive either BCVT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a Stablecoin such as USDC.

Signup Rewards

To incentivize users to download the app, we are giving away BCVT.  

As a way of helping attract initial users, $25* of BCVT will be given away to every user who downloads the app and refers two contacts, click here if you missed the giveaway info. 

*Terms and conditions apply, see here.

Referral Rewards

To incentivize users to refer others, BCVT will be used as a reward.

BCVT can be earned by referring friends, family, and other users to the app. When a new user joins, both the referrer and referral will be awarded BCVT.

More information coming soon.

Trust Score

Locking additional BCVT within the app will contribute towards a user’s Trust Score.

A high Trust Score will increase the willingness of one user to trade with another and locking BCVT within the app will affect this score.

More information coming soon.

Bounty Rewards

BCVT bounties will be offered to users with a high Trust score.  

Users will be incentivized to hunt out and report suspicious activity, if they are successful will be offered a reward for doing so in the form of a BCVT bounty. 

Click here to learn about bounty hunting.

Mediation Rewards

Users who mediate disputes will be rewarded with BCVT.

Mediation will take place on a first come first serve basis and only users with a sufficiently high Trust Score will be able to mediate disputes.

Click here to learn about mediation.

Community Voting

BCVT holders will be able to take part in voting.

As the BitcoinVend ecosystem develops we intend to integrate a voting system surrounding governance and key feature upgrades.

More information coming soon.

Staking Rewards

BCVT holders will be able to stake their tokens.

Staking contracts will become available in late May where holders can lock up their tokens and earn rewards for doing so.

Click here to learn more.

It is important to note that all gifted tokens such as those mentioned above (rewards, referrals, bounties etc.) may not be available to withdraw immediately. The details of this will be made explicitly clear before the app launches.

BitcoinVend Tokens – Tokenomics

Detailed breakdown

Private round: 10%

These tokens were made available to Private Round token purchasers via TrustSwap.

20% of the allocation was available on listing and 80% vested over 2 months, the final vesting tokens will be available for claiming by Private Round participants at the end of April.

Token Offering on TrustSwap: 11%

These tokens were made available to TrustSwap members.

30% of the allocation was available on listing and 70% vested over 1 month, the final vesting tokens will be available for claiming at the end of March.

TrustSwap Airdrop: 2.5%

These tokens were distributed to TrustSwap members as part of an airdrop, they vest over 3 months, the final vesting airdrop tokens will be available for claiming at the end of June.

Uniswap: 2.5%

These tokens were placed on Uniswap as liquidity during the listing.

To learn about what is happening with the remaining tokens: Community & Marketing, Team, Advisors & Foundation please reference this Medium Article.
You can purchase BCVTokens on Uniswap.

Disclaimer: BitcoinVend Tokens (or “BCVT”) are not shares or securities and have no approved function outside the BitcoinVend ecosystem. The utility of BCVT is subject to change. BCVT is managed and issued by a token issuance foundation. For more information about the Foundation please email [email protected]

Get involved – Cryptocurrency needs you!

To work in the real world, Cryptocurrency needs BitcoinVend, and BitcoinVend needs you.

The app will be available for download very soon. By joining now, you will be amongst the first to get access, learn about exciting project updates before others and be able to take advantage of opportunities only offered to our subscribers. What are you waiting for?

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