Our mission is to enable Cryptocurrency to become more integrated into everyday life and the economy at large so that we can make the most of this fantastic technology.

Bitcoin was created as an alternative to traditional money systems and it along with other cryptos have the potential to transform our entire eConomy.

However, today cryptos are for the most part used as an investment product or asset to trade and until that changes growth will be limited.

Cryptocurrencies will experience unparalleled growth when they become widely used as a form of payment. For that to happen people need to be able to easily use them to purchase everyday items.


This is the challenge that BitcoinVend was created to solve.

Why is spending crypto so difficult?

Spending and accepting crypto has been fraught with challenges due to legal grey areas, lack of understanding, lack of trust, and ease of use, amongst other reasons.

The small number of companies that currently accept crypto mostly perform an immediate fiat conversion, which is understandable but adds an unnecessary cost for participants who want to spend their crypto directly, and this does not align with the ethos of crypto.

BitcoinVend solves this problem with an all-in-one solution that combines the three core elements needed to facilitate trade: a marketplace, payment processing, and exchange.

By combining these three elements in the same place and making it simple we create a frictionless crypto ecosystem that anyone can use as they wish, which in turn will open the crypto market to millions more people and reduce the need for converting it to fiat currency.

However, there are much more pressing issues in the world than crypto acceptance and with BitcoinVend we hope to help solve some of them.

Crypto has great promise in the remittance market and helping to change the lives of people living in impoverished communities or those suffering from hyperinflation, however, at the moment it is quite impractical for many, especially those without a bank account.

Cryptocurrency has characteristics that make it a potentially brilliant solution to numerous challenges we face in the world. Namely that it is deflationary by design, borderless, and inclusive.

However, crypto has not had anything like the impact it could for multiple reasons including ease of access (needing a bank), expensive network fees (in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum), and others. As a result, crypto is mostly used in economically developed countries as a means to earn more fiat currency (by those who are fortunate enough to have the capital to invest). Therefore, as a company, we will be putting a lot of emphasis on getting BitcoinVend out there to the communities where it is needed most. Here are some of the reasons why.

The Unbanked: 1.7 billion adults are unbanked, yet two-thirds of them own a Smartphone. It has been estimated that 59% of unbanked individuals cite lack of funds as the reason for not having a bank account.

Hyperinflation: There are three countries famous for severe hyperinflation: South Sudan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.
To solve hyperinflation, the solution provided by governments is dollarization – the abandonment of local currency in favour of a more stable foreign currency. One of the success stories was Montenegro, and in Yugoslavia where the Dinar was replaced with the euro.

Solving big problems with a simple app.

With a Smartphone and BitcoinVend, the un-banked and citizens of countries experiencing hyperinflation have a simple solution which anyone can understand.

Imagine you live somewhere in Africa and cannot trade with the outside world because you do not have a bank account.

BitcoinVend solves this problem because there is no bank account required, setup is incredibly easy, and the user is then able to sell products or services to locals as well as gain exposure to a global community of potential customers.

The deflationary nature of cryptos could help solve issues in countries such as South Sudan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, and with BitcoinVend using crypto is made incredibly easy.

At this point, it is worth pointing out that although the effects of hyperinflation are obvious in certain places such as those mentioned above, it is not solely a third-world problem.

After the 2008 financial crash, central banks dramatically increased the supply of fiat currency.

We see the effects of this over time with the price of goods rising as the purchasing power of fiat currency falls. However, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic European and American central banks have inflated the supply of fiat currency on a scale that we have never seen before, making the events of 2008 look almost insignificant.

The impacts of this inflation have not kicked in yet, but renowned economists are warning that we are in for one of the worst financial recessions of all time and they may be right – all the signs are there.

In conclusion, crypto has enormous potential to improve lives, BitcoinVend simply makes it a lot more practical, easier to use and eliminates the barrier to entry.

We have an opportunity to change the course of history, transform our eConomy, and have a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of people.

If you align with our mission, please show your support in any way you can.

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